Operating in highly competitive markets where digital savvy consumers have a plethora of tools available to find the best possible deal, organisations are finding it increasingly challenging to build brand loyalty and engage their customers.

In fact, in a recent report from ELLO Media, 47% of consumers surveyed stated that they felt like it no longer pays to be loyal to the brands they use with 57% having switched provider or brands within the last 12 months. Furthermore, brand loyalty can no longer be expected from price points alone, with almost a third of consumers only engaging with brands that treat them as more than just a customer and 70% stating that they like when brands surprise them with rewards.1

As a result, organisations should aim to provide their customers with engaging rewards that stretch far further than their shopping basket or subscription to not only ensure that they return, but also make them reluctant to look elsewhere. In other words, for organisations to build brand loyalty, their customers need to feel like more than just a customer, whenever and wherever they are.


UK Consumers Are Dining Out More Than Ever

Dine Out For Less

In the UK, more consumers will spend money on dining out at restaurants (85%) than any other leisure activity, including culture and entertainment (75%), drinking in pubs and bars (70%), holidays of more than 4 days (58%) and gyms and sports activities (42%).2 Moreover, the Office of National Statistics reports that consumers will spend an average of £18.60 per week dining out at their favourite restaurants and cafes, bringing the average yearly spend to £967.20 per year.3

As dining is one of the most popular leisure activities for UK consumers, with a considerable average spend per year, organisations that are able to offer discounted dining as part of their reward strategy can help to boost brand loyalty and engage existing customers.

Leading The UK’s Dining Revolution: How The Dining Club Group Can Help
Dine Out For Less

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