Employee engagement is steadily becoming a strategic advantage for many organisations across the world, with The Harvard Business Review even describing it as “the holy grail of today’s workplace.” 1

In the modern workplace, employee engagement holds a significant impact on the success of a business as highly engaged employees are more likely to be productive on a consistent basis and motivated to remain with their current organisation. Moreover, disengaged employees can directly impact your bottom line, with research suggesting that it costs the UK economy £340bn annually. 2

With such a significant impact on business performance, it is surprising that many HR and benefits professionals are finding it challenging to implement successful and valuable employee engagement programs.


The Challenges To Increasing Employee Engagement

The Benefits Research 2019 report published by Employee Benefits has discovered the most significant barriers for HR and benefits professionals in improving their employee engagement levels; specifically, budgetary limitations and time or resource availability.

The report revealed that more than half of respondents cited their budget (51%), and almost a third stating time or resource (32%), as the primary obstacles to improving employee engagement within their organisations. These statistics are not surprising as employee engagement opportunities can be quite costly for HR budgets, and moreover, time-consuming and highly resource-intensive to implement within their organisations. 3

With these powerful obstacles to employee engagement, many HR and benefits professionals are searching for a low-cost and easy-to-implement lifestyle benefit that can help their employees feel motivated and productive.


How can The Dining Club Group help?

Give your employees a boost by offering our dining and lifestyle memberships – tastecard and gourmet society – as an unmissable way to make their salary go that little bit further. Implementing our benefit can be completely cost free to your organisation with our salary deduction scheme. Furthermore, with little administrative burden and simple implementation, if you’re looking for a low-cost and easy-to-implement way to engage your employees, look no further than The Dining Club Group.


To learn more about our tastecard+ and gourmet society plus employee benefit memberships, please fill out our contact form, email info@diningclubgroup.co.uk or call 0800 304 7337.


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