Fenner is a world leader in reinforced polymer technology. Their vision is to be respected as the leading global provider of local, engineered solutions for performance-critical applications.

Their UK Pensions & Reward Manager was looking to provide a benefit that allowed their employees to increase their disposable income giving them more to put towards their pension contribution. The Dining Club Group provided the solution of tastecard memberships, allowing Fenner’s employees to save money while dining and socialising with colleagues, friends and family.


Account Manager comments

“Fenner’s main goal was to increase their employees’ disposable income, giving them the opportunity to further invest in their pensions without sacrificing on their lifestyles. We used our marketing expertise and industry knowledge to decide which product would best suit their business objectives and tastecard was the perfect fit. We received great feedback and have already scheduled a second campaign to further engage with Fenner and familiarise their employees with what tastecard has to offer.” Neil Kolat, The Dining Club Group

Client Testimonial

“It was important for us to ensure our benefits support and provide value to our employees lives, both inside and outside of work, and tastecard fit perfectly within these aims. The free trial gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the value of the benefit and, after performing well, we are ready to roll out a second employee engagement campaign. tastecard allows our employees to save money in places that they previously didn’t have access to, increasing the savings available to go towards their pension contributions. The Dining Club Group provided us with all the right materials to ensure our teams could get involved with the benefit and we received a great response from our employees. We look forward to working with The Dining Club Group in the future and launching our next tastecard campaign.”UK Pensions & Reward Manager, Fenner Group Holdings Limited

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