The Thomsons Online UK Employee Benefits Watch Report 2018 has revealed that, although a number of companies are moving to evolve their employee benefit schemes, many are not providing guidance with regards to mental health and financial wellbeing.

Research by employee benefits platform Thomsons Online, which surveyed 450 UK employers and represented 1.8M employees, has revealed 67% of organisations do not offer any form of financial guidance. The report also highlighted a lack of focus on supporting employees to reach their full potential inside and outside of work.

A healthy mind and wallet

When engaging with employees through benefits and reward schemes, it is key for employers to recognise what is in demand and what can be easily disregarded. Valuing your employees needs and providing a well-rounded benefit scheme will give your staff the opportunity to reach their emotional and financial goals.

David Dodd, Consulting Director at Thomsons Online commented:

“To think of benefits as a mere tactic to reward your employees is the wrong approach and will leave you trailing behind the market. The employers leading the way are those creating the strongest connection with their employees and are using benefits as a key strand of their strategy with which to achieve this.”

Aligning your company within the emerging market that listens to their employees’ needs is a key factor for your business’ growth. Offering an ‘always on’ dining membership allows your employees to make the most of their social life – sharing experiences without breaking the bank. Providing this type of benefit also allows your business to become a positive touch-point of your employees’ daily lives, strengthening the relationship with your employees and boosting retention rates.

No need to fork out

Nicholas Clements, Benefits & Rewards at The Dining Club Group comments;

“With financial wellbeing continuing to be a preferred benefit across many industries, it is not only important for employers to provide financial guidance to their employees, but also a perk or reward that can fit seamlessly into their everyday lives. Our dining membership discounts at independent restaurants and chains across the UK allow your employees to dine out without forking out.”

In today’s ambiguous economic climate, The Dining Club Group recognises the importance of financial wellbeing and offers your employees the opportunity to save money without sacrificing their lifestyle.

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